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Worship and intersections at Annual Meeting

Worship centerpiece at Annual Meeting
brea deJarn

Kaybreahna DeJarn of Westminster places lantern on post.













Sheri Parkinson of the Ritzville Drumming Circle drums for worship.

andy castrolang

Moderator Andy CastroLang enjoys a break with granddaughter Saviah CastroLang.












mike denton and leo

Conference minister Mike Denton and his son, Leo, place a lantern on the centerpiece for worship after processing in for closing worship.


Donivan Johnson of Metaline Falls UCC leads the choir for Sunday worship.








ruth schearer

Ruth Schearer of the United Churches of Olympia was among those at her table keeping their hands busy by building with the toys available at each table.  She and her table mates built three windmills.





marshallese singer

Member of the Marshall Islands UCC that meets at the Veradale UCC was part of the Marshall Islander choir singing at Annual Meeting.



One of many displays at Annual meetings.  This one offers information on the Israel/Palestine conflict.












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