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Natonal UCC leader tells churches to know why they exist

UCC General Minister and President John Dorhauer spoke to the 2017 PNC Annual Meeting by video.

John Dorhauer speaks to Annual Meeting by video.

He promotes envisioning the church’s future and conversations of church vitality shifting from decline and diminishment to a future hope.

“Often we look at statistics getting smaller, but it’s hard to do evangelism if guests in church hear of our decline.  We need to believe the church has a calling, a future and a mission worth living and fighting for,” he said.

John urged congregations to focus on their mission, to understand why they exist, what they are about, their identity, core values and mission that makes them necessary.  He calls churches to have purpose statements, mission statements and vision statements.

He likens what’s needed to churches “updating their operating systems,” just as computers need to do to be vital.


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