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UCC clergy and members join thousands in March for Science

Among the several thousand people who took part in Seattle’s April 22 March for Science in reaction to proposed budget cuts to the federal Environmental Protection Agency, the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Energy’s Office of Science, were clergy and members of UCC churches.

 Tom Wert, pastor of the German UCC, hosted a gathering place at the church, which is across the street from Cal Anderson Park, where the March for Science began.

Vanessa Curtin, Tom Wert, Andrew Conley Holcom and Dee Eisenhauer hold their signs in March for Science.
Photo courtesy of Joan Henjum

“Being the son of a science professor, who was also a deep person of faith, I was raised in a household where science and faith were friends,” he said. “I was always perplexed why people see science and faith as incompatible.

“As people walked by or came in the church to make a sign and meet friends, I heard them appreciate the strong community of all ages, races, faiths, education and lifestyles that came together,” Tom said. “We are in this together. Let’s not give in to cynicism or apathy but empower each other to work for justice, peace, the wellbeing of all people and protecting our environment,” he said.  

“Many spoke positively about the church being involved with the cause.  They were glad they could make a sign or sit down out of the weather for a while,” he said.

“Science Is a Path to God,” proclaimed the reader board at Admiral Congregational UCC. From glimpses of our intricate biology seen through a microscope to the glorious cosmic displays of light and beauty revealed by the Hubble Telescope, many of us are re-imagining our relationship to all life.  We are confronted with questions of what it means to be human, part of a vast ecosystem of life, while brought to tears and amazement by the wonder of it all,” said Joan Henjum who is organizing people interested in a faith-science dialogue.

“Our denomination embraces the challenge that science and technology present to traditional theology. God is a living God, calling us to expand our hearts, souls and minds,” she said.

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