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Westminster UCC joins to act with others in community

Andy Castrolang, pastor of Westminster Congregational UCC in Spokane, told how community organizing has had an impact on the life of that congregation.

Andy Castrolang, pastor at Westminster UCC in Spokane said the church is part of the Spokane Alliance.

Five years after Andy CastroLang moved more than 15 years ago from a village of 1,100 in Nebraska to the oldest downtown church in Spokane, she felt overwhelmed spiritually and emotionally by the magnitude of ministry in the largest city in Eastern Washington.

“I was stuck about addressing the big problems of the world, like children dying of hunger,” she said. “With the Spokane Alliance, I started where we were to work win installation of a stoplight to prevent children from being hit by cars near a school.”

She found a spiritual and social toolkit for action.

Westminster has participated in listening sessions to draw out common concerns.  Over the last 17 years, the Spokane Alliance has addressed school bullying, won a family sick leave campaign, created apprenticeships in public works projects, trained local leaders, registered voters, won school board commitment to efficient buildings, won parity in mental health insurance coverage and brought homeowners sustainable improvements, among many accomplishments since 2000.


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