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Newport UCC welcomes bicyclists raising funds for MS

The end of July, Newport will welcome cyclists from Bike the U.S. for MS, which organizes cross-country bike trips to raise awareness about multiple sclerosis, to fund research and support treatment.

These tours follow a scenic cross-country route.  Along the way, people join in to ride a segment.

Bicyclists stayed overnight at Newport UCC last summer.

The entire “Northern Tier Trip” is 4,295 miles for 69 days through 15 states from Bar Harbor, Me., to Seattle.  

This year St. Anthony’s Catholic Church is preparing a dinner, Newport High School is offering showers, and men of Newport UCC will cook breakfast for the team, who will sleep in the church. 

Bill Mitchell, moderator of Newport UCC last year, was contacted to host them when the Baptist church in Newport had a scheduling conflict. 

“As far as I know it was the first time Newport UCC had hosted a team, and it was a great experience,” said the pastor, Becky Anderson. 

Carlie Hoadley and Bill Mitchell welcomed the bicyclists.

Photos Courtesy of Newport UCC

The men’s group will again cook a hot breakfast. 

“It was a bit of a stretch for some folks to have bicyclists sleep all over the church, but there was no question but that we would host them again,” said Becky, who had experience in two other churches hosting groups.

“I was pleased at how many of the members came over to meet and greet the riders, to have breakfast with them before they left and just to make them feel welcome. 

“Making people feel welcome comes naturally to this congregation,” she said.  “They were rewarded with appreciation and smiles from the team.”

Bill, a member since 1991, said the group was grateful the church served biscuits and gravy, rather than their usual fare of oatmeal.

George Weisbarth, who has lived in Newport since 1979 and been active in the church for many years, said, “It’s an opportunity to serve in the name of God, whether the group coming is religious or not.  Our role is to be welcoming, social and good stewards.”

Last summer and since, the group sent cards about their progress on the trip, and told more about who they were and where they were from, he said.

George sees it as part of the church’s outreach to the community and its ecumenical connections with the Catholic and Lutheran churches in Newport.

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