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Board sets priorities for its work in the coming year

The Board of Directors met on June 8 for an in-person work retreat and we accomplished a lot!  We began with the framework that has informed our vision over the last two years.  The overarching vision is to deepen relationships so that we together we can change the world. 

Moderator Wendy Blight reports on Board meeting.

At the Annual Meeting we began to realize that we need to infuse that overarching vision with a priority to dismantle racism within our institution.  The Board confirmed that approach at our retreat on June 8 and agreed that dismantling racism is not a separate priority of the Board but an overarching goal. 

The framework of our vision includes four areas of priority.

• Deepen relationships between colleagues

• Deepen relationships within and between congregations

• Deepen relationships between our churches and our communities

• Improve communication throughout the Conference

The Board has 11 members this year.  We know that individually we can accomplish some things, as a group we can complete additional work, but we must engage our Leadership Committees and many others to move forward in each of these areas.  We will reach out to you.  We hope that you will say yes to collaborating with us.

Here are the tasks that we hope to accomplish this year:

• Ensure that the Communities of Practice program continues this year by addressing the funding and administrative requirements that need to be met for the program to be viable.  Working with: Committee on Ministry task force

• Create a pilot program, starting with a handful of churches, to pair a smaller membership church with a larger church when they are both working on the same issue

• Update Conference Bylaws in several areas, including adding wording to express our commitment to dismantling racism in ourinstitution, working with the Justice Witness Ministry Committee and others.

• Obtain a database system that meets the needs of our Conference and the appropriate administration to maintain its accuracy, working with committees and stakeholders

• Revise final drafts and adopt policies: Personnel Manual, Fiscal Policy Manual, and Safer Church Policy

With God’s grace and lots from all of you we hope to accomplish all of these tasks by our 2020 Annual Meeting.

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