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About 30 joined in signing along Newport sidewalk

About 30 people from diverse backgrounds shared their passion on Saturday, June 6, in downtown Newport.

Mike and Sandee Meade of Newport UCC are among those holding signs in Newport.                 Photo courtesy of Becky Anderson

“There were only a handful of negative comments and ‘salutes,’ but mostly positive waves, honks and smiles,” said Becky Anderson, who retired in January as pastor of Newport UCC and still lives there.

“There were two people from Newport UCC there, and I know people were there from other churches,” she said.

During this stay-at-home time, Becky has been doing research she planned before COVID-19 focusing on the Jim Crow era and the non-response of Christians,” she said.

She is also writing a short book on veterans who died in wars and were connected with Pend Oreille County from the Civil War and Spanish American War to the Vietnam War.

Becky said the Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall will be in Newport July 16 to 20 at the cemetery. It’s a half-size version of the D.C. wall.  During its visit, names of all on the wall will be spoken aloud. Other events in Newport include a July 18 Veterans Stand Down with resources and Farmer’s Market events to honor veterans.

The title is for her project is “I Never Knew.” It traces her background growing up in an Eastern Washington county where there were no blacks and little attention to race. 

“I guess I am ‘woke’ now.  I want to help people like me understand what the 400+ year background of oppression in slavery, peonage in Reconstruction, voter suppression and just plain mean spirits have done to black-white relations in the US.”

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