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N-Sid-Sen is doing extra maintenance this spring

With coronavirus, groups have been calling to cancel retreats and gatherings at N-Sid-Sen, the PNC’s Camp and Conference Center on Lake Coeur d’Alene, but Mark Boyd, managing director, said the message to summer staff is that plans continue for summer camp.

Red cedar knocks cabin 8 off its foundation, twists structure.

“We know things are changing day-to-day and Idaho rules are different from Washington,” he said.

Other camps on Lake Coeur d’Alene, like Lutherhaven, have closed to any groups through the end of April.  Some camps in the area are just seasonal, so responses vary.

“The question is how we will survive financial losses and if we will have any of the federal support being considered,” he said. 

With groups not coming, staff continues to be employed doing things that need to be done.

“We are doing cleaning and repair projects we have not have time to do, caulking repairs in cabins, glazing windows and tearing down cabin 8,” he said.

Staff can continue to do the repairs and maintenance projects until they run out of supplies.

Cabin 8 was knocked off its foundation and had its structure twisted when a big red cedar tree blew down during a heavy wind storm in early February when the ground was soggy.

None of the windows were broken.

Another tree fell below Forrester lodge into the worship area.  It fell between the benches.  Other trees on the property fell down, too.

The trees will be cut and split for firewood.  Lumber from the cabin will be used to make benches

Mark is still waiting on bids and on a decision of whether to rebuild it with volunteer labor or with a contractor.

“Because we are a commercial organization, the county requires a different foundation with a crawl space, even though it will have no plumbing,” Mark said.

The cabin will be rebuilt the same size and style with an open interior and changing space.

“If we need to limit contact, that will limit our ability to have volunteer labor,” he said.

“Our need is to look at what will happen on the other side of the crisis and how to best prepare for 2020 and 2021,” Mark said.

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