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Fund raising helps cover costs of health insurance

The PNC’s Insurance Assistance Fund, formerly the Pastors’ Insurance Fund, still seeks to help struggling churches and retired pastors and their spouses afford health insurance, said Jane Sorenson, chair of the Stewardship Committee’s sub-committee for the fund.

Previously the assistance was available to all churches and retired clergy, but with rising premiums, the per capita support was a burden on congregations.  The new program is need based, she said.  Funds are raised by special offerings.

In 2009, the conference provided $34,700 to 11 retired clergy or spouses, and $36,400 to nine churches.

The PNC asks churches to contribute to offerings, to pray for those needing the assistance and to let retired pastors, spouses and churches know the assistance is available.

Jane said that pastors who lived in parsonages have more financial stress in retirement, and churches that find it hard to pay utilities struggle to pay $2,000 to $5,000 for their pastor’s health insurance.

Retired pastors and churches must apply for assistance by Nov. 15.

Churches are helped for three years and then there is a re-evaluation of the need. 

For information, call 360-739-8744.



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