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Justice leadership trainers ready to train others

Twenty regional UCC justice trainers were trained and certified as Justice Leaders Engaging and Developing (Justice-LED) at the close of a three-day workshop Oct. 14 to 16 at Plymouth UCC in Seattle.

Drew Nettinga
Lauren Cannon and Drew Nettinga, associate conference minister of Northern California Nevada, co-lead session.

Participants from Nevada and Oregon joined 18 from the PNC.

The Christian Life Service and Action Committee decided the training would be a strategic way to help them serve the conference.  Eight CLSA members were involved.  Kathy Rule, a student in Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry, helped organize the event with national UCC co-trainer for Justice LED, Lauren Cannon, interim minister for faith formation and service at Plymouth.  Other national co-trainers came from the Northern California-Nevada Conference and regional trainer, Deeg Nelson of Pilgrim Firs.

The 20 are now ready to offer Justice-LED Trainings so that teams of two or three leaders from a congregation can bring their church tools to help discern the community’s new or next direction in justice work.  Some trainings will be at Pilgrim Firs and as workshops at the 2011 Annual Meeting in April.

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