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PNC Board will meet with different congregations

Seeing the Conference as a culture and a community, conference moderator Andy CastroLang reported that the PNC Board will be meeting with congregations to listen to their pressures and issues.

andy castrolang

Conference moderator Andy Castrolang, pastor of Westminster Congregational UCC in Spokane, reports on Conference Board.

“We want to emphasize relationships and covenants we have as UCC folks and churches,” she said.

The Board,  whose 12 members meet quarterly, has scheduled to meet Nov. 1 with the Conference Council—heads of committees—at Horizon House.  The Conference Council has 30 members. The winter board meeting is also a Conference Council meeting and will be Jan. 24 at Normandy Park in Seattle.  March 21, the board meets at Shalom UCC in Richland.  It will also meet before Annual Meeting April 24 to 26 in Spokane.

“In Ritzville in September, we heard about small town, rural life in an area of dryland wheat farming,” Andy said.  “We heard from people who feel disconnected from progressive, Western Washington Democrats.”

Mark Schoessler, who is Republican leader in the State Senate, talked about agriculture, relationships and people.  Another member told of how the recent transplanting of wolves is threatening her sheep herd, but she doesn’t feel heard in Olympia.

“We are taking time to meet people and reconnect, rather than say, ‘Here, we have a program for you.’  We are listening to people and looking them in the eye,” she said.

The board recently adopted a vision of its role:  “The PNC lives through its camps, churches and committees by offering God’s welcome to all, listening to one another, bearing witness and working for justice.”

The board decided to put on the Yahoo Group each week the names of two churches for the group to pray for.

Andy also reports that because of some crises in congregations drawing the attention of Conference Minister Mike Denton, the search process for the additional conference staff was slowed.

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