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Blaine UCC offers an adult vacation Bible school

By Carol Hogan  

This year, because Blaine UCC has just four children attending, the planning committee decided to offer an adult Bible school instead, although children were welcome to attend.  

blaine ucc crafts

Adults do vacation Bible school crafts at Blaine UCC this summer.
Photos courtesy of Blaine UCC

They chose a Hawaiian theme, because Hawaii offers a rainbow of color.  Each day was given a color and theme.  

For example, Monday was Aloha, which can mean hello, goodbye, love and more and the color was yellow. The Scripture was Genesis 1.  

Each morning Pastor Sandy Cheatham read the Scripture and talked about historical events in religious history. Hymns relating to the Scripture were sung and recreation followed with traditional Hawaiian sports, like “Hukihuki” (tug of war) and the hula.  

Volunteer chefs created island-style lunches each day.  

Then there were speakers from the Whatcom community with whom UCC partners.  

blaine ucc

All ages participate in hukihuki outside the church building.

Pastor Sandy presented various arts and crafts and each day ended with storytelling of Hawaiian myths related to the Scriptures.

Each morning, a mesh streamer reflecting the day’s color floated overhead and by the end of the week there was a full rainbow in the sanctuary.  

About 30 people attended the weeklong event.  



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