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Five adults begin in Justice Leadership Jubilee program

The Justice Leadership Jubilee Program begins in October with an incoming class of five associates.

The Justice Leadership Jubilee (JLJ) program is a 10-month, 15-hour-a-week justice training and leadership development program for older adults.

Like the Justice Leadership Program (JLP), JLJ places associates to work in social justice agencies and they are working in their home UCC congregations, said Rich Gamble, pastor at Keystone UCC in Seattle and coordinator of the program.

The goal of JLJ, as with JLP, is to empower and support social justice leaders, extend the efforts of local and regional social justice programs, and increase the ability of local UCC congregations to participate in the work of justice. 

JLJ, a PNC program, is a nonresidential program in the greater Seattle area.  Participants work with a cohort of peers.

“With this being the first year of the Jubilee Leadership Jubilee program it is considered a field test for the program,” Rich said. “This year’s associates will help shape the future form of JLJ through their participation.”

One day a week, they work in a social change agency, like the Church Council of Greater Seattle, or Meaningful Movies. 

Once a month, they will join a social justice training on topics like racism, class, nonviolence, advocacy and social change. 

They will also meet regularly as a group with a “Spiritual Sojourner” to deepen spiritual, vocational and personal growth. Then they will bring their new skills and information to their congregations.

The program manager for Justice Leadership Jubilee is Clare West.

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