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Friends of Conference campaign draws support to PNC

At the 2017 Annual Meeting to Pilgrim Firs, the PNC launched a new Friends of the Conference campaign.

Michelle Doherty serves as the PNC accounting manager.

Michelle Doherty, PNC accounting manager, said that the funds are used to support the work of the conference in various ways:

As Rev. Michael Denton stands with local communities against racism, income inequality and other social injustices, the donations support him.

As he works with churches to guide them through clergy transitions, the donations support him.

As Courtney Stange-Tregear, minister for church vitality, travels the region, meeting with PNC churches to promote church vitality, the donations support her.

As Arlene Hobson interfaces with church search committees and clergy seeking positions, the donations support her.

As all of the staff work with the camp directors to strengthen the camp programs, the donations support this work.

As PNC committees do their work in Justice and Witness, Outdoor Ministries, Global Ministries, Stewardship and others, the donations support them.

As the Insurance Assistance Fund helps ensure medical insurance coverage for retired and church pastors, the donations support them.

As the Board of Directors meets to guide the Conference in its mission, the donations support them.

The work of the Conference is varied and the strength of the Conference is in the individual. So the Friends of the Conference campaign was introduced to give the individual a means to directly strengthen the Conference.

For the first year a target of $10,000 was set.

The individuals at the Annual Meeting contributed a third of that goal in one day, a total of $3,390. Donations continue to arrive, another $1,245 in the first three months of the fiscal year – reaching almost half of the annual goal – a handful from small monthly, recurring donors and some from larger one-time gifts.

Contributions can be made by

• Sending a check, with “Friends of PNC” in the memo line, to PNCUCC, 325 125th St., Seattle WA 98133;

• Going to and clicking the DONATE button and enter the amount on the Friends of the Conference line.  Recurring donations can be set up with credit card or electronic check, or

• When registering for Pilgrim Firs or N-Sid-Sen camps, selecting at the end of the registration process to also give to Friends of the Conference.


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