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Monroe UCC team filled 43 back-to-school backpacks

Because of the passion of Kim McCullough, Monroe UCC has been filling backpacks for the last five years for children in the local schools.

Jill Reasoner, Heidi Bahrey, Kestrel Bahrey, Kim McCullough and Ontario Bahrey prepare to fill backpacks with school supplies.  Below, backpacks in front of the altar for dedication.

                                       Photos courtesy of Jane Sorenson

Kim, a science and math teacher at Skykomish High School, knows the importance of children having the tools they need to succeed.

“Some of us at Monroe, and that would include me, have fond memories of fresh school supplies, so we do our own shopping and contribute to the growing pile of items in the Fellowship Hall,” said Jane Sorenson, pastor of the Monroe UCC.

“We stack them on a table there so that we all can relish the process,” she said.

Kim makes repeated trips to stores to take advantage of their penny sales, their “buy one, get one” sales, their mid-week specials. 

She also looks for things she thinks children would enjoy, supplies that come in a variety of colors and have pictures, Jane added.

“Kim likes to set a goal for us – that she doesn’t tell us about until the project is over,” said Jane. 

“She hopes that every year, we will donate more backpacks than the year before,” she observed.

Last year, the church packed and donated 17 backpacks.  This year, they sent off 46 backpacks to the Sky Valley Food Bank. 

“Even Kim was floored by that number,” said Jane. “She’s a big reason that it was possible.  She, and the generous hearts of people in our little church.”

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