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Feature Articles and News Stories Listed by Issue Date in 2018

November-December 2018

Teens come to mission camp at Pilgrim Firs in June to do home-improvement projects to help people stay in their home.
Broadview UCC shares in at ecumenical Day of the Deadworship with Lutheran and Episcopal neighbors.
Steve Davis represents Plymouth UCC Seattle at the interment of the ashes of Matthew Shepard.
Shalom UCC does voter education for immigrants with the Tri-Cities Faith Action Network at area events.
Moderator Wendy Blight speaks on the value of face-to-face board meetings along with online meetings.
Three women participate in the Jubilee Justice Program for 2018-19 working with agencies and congregations.
Loren McGrail will visit UCC and Disciples churches to share of her work with the YWCA in Palestine.
United Churches of Olympia partners with other faith communities and the city to build tiny houses for homeless people.
Mike Denton reinforces discussion in Conference about deepening relationships as a 2018-19 PNC goal.
News includes transitions andinterfaith opportunities.
N-Sid-Sen camp theme is 'Peace Works


Pugetarians meet bimonthly as a gathering of retired clergy, professional ministers and spouses.


September-October 2018

Justice Leadership Program begins year with six new interns and two continuing interns to serve agencies and churches.
N-Sid-Sen senior high camp welcomes Moina Shaiq to share about her life as a Muslim woman in the U.S..
Spiritual Formation Task Force offers new resources/curriculum for small groups to build relationships.
Spirit of Peace member assists with interfaith efforts for displaced people and others in the Issaquah area.
Sophie Morse shared insights in Annual Meeting workshop on conflict resolution and shifting from win-lose conversations.
Mike Denton discusses risking and experimenting as opportunities to learn, regardless of success.
Wendy Blight shares her goal of relationship building with in the conference she plans to do as Board moderator.
Global mission co-workerwill be available to speak in churches about her work with the YWCA in Palestine.
Stewardship Committee led summer workshop on building a culture of generosity in PNC churches.
Ruth Calkins of Newport writes book about taking her dachshund, Max, for a humanitarian visit in Malawi.
News briefs report on recent ordinations and deaths of UCC pastors, as well as events and opportunities.
PNC Board endorses Initiative 1631, the Protect Washington Act, on recommendation of Earth Ministry.


Summer 2018

Joe Chrastil describes the dynamics of relationship building needed for congregations to do community organizing.
Andy CastorLang found Westminster UCC in Spokane has been empowered by joining the Spokane Alliance.
Bishop Dwayne Royster inspires PNC with how he works to empower communities to change the world.
Mike Denton gives an overview of accomplishments of the PNC over the last year for his annual report.
Bianca Davis-Lovelace a UCC pastor and ecumenical leader, has been one of three state Poor People's Campaign leaders.
Photos tell stories of the rallies and actions that were part of six weeks of the Poor People's Campaign in Washington.
Ed Evans reports on Korean churches' involvement in encouraging the North-South Korea ties, and summit with U.S.
Leda Zakarison learns about doing justice on environmental issues in JLP internship with Earth Ministry/WAIPL..
David Morales tells Annual Meeting attendees about La Casa Hogar's work with immigrant families in Yakima.
In his column, Mike Denton points out that doing justice, loving kindness and walking humbly require relationships.
PNC News Briefs report on transitions, events and speakers on white-identity to challenge recruitment of students.


Wendy Blight shares her goal of relationship building with in the conference she plans to do as Board moderator.
Photos tell the story of people, worship, songs, gatherings, communion, interactions and dynamics of Annual Meeting.
Courtney Stange-Tregear outlines doing justice, loving kindness and walking humbly as key to church vitality.
Newport UCC welcomes coming through town on a bike tour of US to raise funds for multiple sclerosis.
Kelle Brown, pastor at Plymouth UCC in Seattle, was one of the speakers for the Poor People's Campaign in Olympia.
Becky Withington shares her decision and experiences after being arrested in an action in the Poor People's Campaign May 28.
Outreach Team at Admiral UCC collect food for children in summer and challenge other PNC churches to do the same.
N-Sid-Sen will let fire district expand its boat dock to accommodate a boat house for a new fire boat.
N-Sid-Sen will be the site for combined PNC summer camps for all ages. Pilgrim Firs will host mission camps.
Wade Zick and Mark Boyd elicit from those at Annual Meeting the value of camps they have attended over the years.



April-May 2018

Hearing loop installed at Mercer Island UCC makes it possible for people with hearing aids to hear worship and sermons better.
Prospect UCC installs cistern to catch storm water flowing from its roof to to help control one source of water pollution.
Mission co-worker in Hong Kong visits PNC churches to tell of his work for human rights in Asia.
Justice Leadership NW takes group on Homelessness Pilgrimage to learn of history and present homelessness.
Peter Ilgenfritz reports on shift in Board's style of leadership and relationships for new patterns of meetings.
Annual Meeting April 27-29 in Yakima will focus with workshops and speaking around the theme 'Breaking Forth.'
Mike Denton describes changes in the PNC camping programs over the years and new appeal for support from conference.
Stewardship Committee plans a training event about 'Creating a congregational Culture of Generosity.'
Ruth Brandon and her grandson were among many from the PNC who joine in the March for our Lives.
David Bowman's memoir reflects on the multiple roles of pastors in serving their congregations.
University Congregational UCC offers Spirit Workshops and Vigils for the Common Good on nearby street corners.
Wade Zick tells of impact of Friends of the Camps appeal for funding for maintenance and improvements.
Mike Denton invites recognizing now as the time for giving to the conference and deepening relationships to do God's calling.
Seattle and Spokane churches participate in plans for the Poor People's Campaign locally and nationally.
Everett UCC celebrates its 125th year of ministry and installs its new pastor, Darrell Goodwin, on April 21..
News Briefs include transitions, women's retreat, homelessness forum, honoring David Brown and Western Regional Youth Event.


February-March 2018

PNC Board joins in Women's March in Seattle to deepen relationships and connections of church vitality.
Justice Leadership Program plans Holy Week Pilgrimage; recruits 2018-19 young adult interns.
Walla Walla church is involved with the Walla Walla Immigrant Rights Coalition addressing issues and supporting people.
The 2018 Annual Meeting will be April 27 to 19 at the Yakima Convention Center with Bishop Dwayne Royster as keynoter.
Bellingham UCC will renovateits unfinished basement to house the Northwest Youth Services outreach to homeless youth.
Mike Denton observes that things as things continue to get worse, we need to rely on wisdom and meaning.
Lin Hagedorn changes her bank and helps Northshore UCC make decisions and do research to find a better bank.
UCC pastors among those making plans for the state of Washington participation is the Poor People's Campaign.




Courtney Stange-Tregear led closing reflections and a prayer for Eastern Washington Legislative Conference.
Jim CastroLang co-leads workshop on ways to faithfully respoond to hate with stories, awareness, listening and values.
Roberta Rominger recruits others from PNC-UCC to join her in Washington DC April 3-5 in memory of MLK's assassination.
N-Sid-Sen and Pilgrim Firs plan their programs for youth, family and service/mission camps for summer 2018.
Many UCC congregations marched with others in their communities to join in the Women's Marches held globally.
News briefs include transitions, Western Regional Youth Event plans, and other announcements of events and opportunities.
Diane Schmitz co-facilitates an Anti-Racism Seminar for White People with a curriculum from Allies for Change.


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