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Feature Articles and News Stories Listed by Issue Date 2019

Winter 2019-20

Tri-Cities Immigrant Coaiition celebrates their immigrant neighbors through the arts to build community ties.
Mercer Island church installs solar power on its roof to gain energy efficiency and to inspire the community.
Six form Environmental justice Team to advocate for a sustainable farming bill in the state legislature.
Bellingham UCC provides remodeled basement as The Ground Floor drop-in center for youth to have a safe space.
United Churches in Olympia partner with 16 congregations to back up temple as sanctuary hosting a family.
PNC News Briefs report transitions, UCC use of donations to relieve medical debt and seeking Just Peace churches.
Wendy Blight, PNC Moderator, announces Annual Meeting and plans for bylaws changes to address racism.


Courtney Stange-Tregear reflects on Fall Gathering forming six issue groups to bring specific changes..
Kizzie Jones publishes new book in series on dogs, adding new breeds and insights useful for children's sermons.
Fauntleroy UCC votes to lease Camp Second Chance with 48 tiny houses to prevent it from closing.
John Eisenhauer starts b14ucc.com platform for UCC churches to care, collaborate and connect online.
Lummi draft bill for the state to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission for indigenous people.
Mike Denton points out the power of churches being in solidarity within their groups and with community people.
N-Sid-Ssen announces theme and dates for 2020 summer camping programs. The theme is "This Is Our Prayer."

Fall 2019

Faith Leaders challenge white supremacy and devastation of the Earth by holding vigils and making statements.
Renton United Christian brings witness to community with God's Doors and response to vandalism by repairs and more love.
Four churches gather for retreat at N-Sid-Sen in early September to share in activities, worship and socializing.
Walla Walla UCC church installs solar panels, anticipating saving 40 percent in expenses for heating and lighting.
One-acre fire at N-Sid-Sen was put out quickly because fire chief was there. Cleanup relates to ongoing forest management.
The 2019 PNC Fall Gathering will be held Friday and Saturday, Oct. 18 and 19 at Shalom UCC in Richland.
Mike Denton reflects on the value of sabbatical time to step back from overworking and gain perspective.


Andrew Conley-Holcom is leading a class on white supremacy and idolatry and starting Racism Anonymous.
Michael Joseph visits PNC and Disciples region to share about work for justice and peace in Colombia.
Intermediate camp explores injustices and what makes for justice, sharing in conversation around the image of a tree.
Tolt Congregational UCC holds annual pancake breakfast for community as part of celebrating its 125th anniversary.
Wendy Blight, moderator, reports on actions of the PNC-UCC Board of Directors, including bylaws and database.
Conference News Briefs includes information on new pastors, pastors' deaths and upcoming events.
Grace Lambert helps organize the Climate Strike events for youth and adults in the Seattle area.


Summer 2019

Kelle Brown said 'community' and 'transformation' are powerful words that comprise what revival means.
Bianca Davis-Lovelace grew up in the Black church, where preaching social justice is the norm.
Renee McCoy said transformation happens when we forgive and move to reconciliation and unity.
Michael Joseph visits PNC/Disciples churches to tell of Global Ministries peace work in Colombia.
Spokane and Seattle churches join in Pride Parades. Renton church deals with vandalism of pride display.
Wade Zick shares role of the arts and music in the life of Pilgrim Firs, about 65 percent of groups using the camp.
Mike Denton stirs responsible action to have impact on climate change for the sake of everyone's future.


Mary Flowers and Rick Derksen of the People's Institute offered insights on dismantling racism.
Amy Roon's message is on the vital role of worship as one part of the life system of the Body of Christ.
PNC's annual business meeting adopts budget, passes New Green Deal resolution and elects leaders.
Church Council of Greater Seattle celebrates 100 years of churches/faiths working together to make a difference.
2019 PNC Annual Meeting is depicted in photo of the Friday Evening Revival service with worship stations.
Mark Boyd promotes camps with aid of directors sharing how camps impact their lives.
Moderator Wendy Blight summarizes the Board's priorities to build relationships, dismantle racism.
News briefs report on transitions, General Synod, plans for a fall gathering, Mike's sabbatical, quarterly UCNews.

April-May 2019

Jubilee Justice participants join in advocacy and work in local congregations. Young adult program will take a year off.
Paul Ashby spends time engaging in interfaith dialogue in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Taiwan.
Lenten devotion weaves connections with stories of members of the PNC-UCC about their journeys.
Team of 25 from PNC and DOC help with rebuilding projects for week in Puerto Rico to help people recover from hurricanes.
N-Sid-Sen fireboathouse is now in place on a new dock in the cove. Winter snows did not deter groups from using the site..
N-Sid-Sen announces summer camping programs around the theme "Peace Works." Directors are named.
Mike Denton challenges people to think about what they bring when they participate in worship and listen to sermons.
Sarah Haycox does research on civil rights leader in Richmond Beach and advocates for having center named for him.
Westminster celebrates 140 years, looking to past, present and future ministries serving the city of Spokane and world.
Magnolia UCC tries new way to be church by using Sunday worship time to do community outreach projects.
Faith Leaders in Spokane join in vigils at temple and mosque, challenge Superfund sites in Inland Northwest.
PNC churches collect funds to send to Global Ministries for relief and recovery after Cyclone Idai in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
Pilgrim Firs work on sewage system likened to work camps are doing to evaluate their priorities and programs.
The 2019 Annual Meeting of the PNC-UCC will focus on the theme "Many Gifts, One Spirit" as it gathers April 27 in Bellevue.

January-March 2019

Alki UCC builds tiny houses at Camp Second Chance in West Seattle working beside homeless people to offer temporary houses.
Jan Van Pelt retires after serving multidimensional ministry that has included conflict resolution and interim ministry.
Randy Crowe recruits volunteers to participate in a hurricane rebuilding pilgrimage mission in Puerto Rico in March.
East Side Fire District recognizes Mark Boyd and N-Sid-Sen for their support of the district with dock and events.
Peter Ilgenfritz reflects on saying goodbye after 25 years on University Congregational UCC's ministry team. He shares poem on Messy Goodbyes.
Kaila Russell reports in online newsletter on activities and programs at Pilgrim Firs during 2018.
News briefs include reports on 2019 board, Annual Meeting, transitions, events, and camp dates and events.






Eric and Laurie Ford share family's history at N-Sid-Sen and their own participation in family camps for 30 years.
Andrew Conley-Holcom and Admiral UCC in Seattle offer bystander intervention workshops for churches and nonprofits.
Bob Anderson coordinates Guemes Island UCC's and a community effort for a peace pole and art project from September through June.
Westminster UCC in Spokane opens its basement to welcome up to 24 homeless young adults in emergency warming shelter.
St. Paul's UCC in Ballard agarees to host a men's shelter in its basement as part of the SHARE / WHEEL network.
Paul Ashby embarks on sabbatical peace mission and interfaith dialogue in Asian countries.
Mike Denton comments on role of churches in accompanying people and offering their presence with people.


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